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Why Can Organizers?

Pantry Maid's Can Organizers save you time and money by keeping your pantry organized and efficient. Easily stock your pantry by rolling your cans in one by one.

See all your cans at a glance instead of digging through your pantry for that one can you knew you had. Say goodbye to spring cleaning the pantry--Can Organizers do the work for you! Can Organizers rotate your cans in a first-in, first-out method.

"LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these Can Organizers! Why I waited so long to get them, I will never know. I have always been a person that is prepared for any situation and these organizers are making my canned good rotation so much easier. I purchased 5 total and plan to purchase 5 more in the very near future. The quality is great, the structure is strong, and being made of PVC, they should not warp or discolor. If you are hesitating to purchase this product, DON'T!"

— Vicki (February 2017)

Pantry Maid

Texas-native Kelvin Bailey started thinking about canned food rotation in 1993 when his wife asked if he could come up with a better way to organize and rotate their food storage. He originally came up with a large cabinet unit with metal shelves, wood framing, and wheels for mobility.

The Bailey family used this unit for awhile, but Kelvin wanted something less clunky and more efficient. In 2004, Kelvin designed the Can Organizer you know and love today.